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Does Flancia need more [[bukowski]]?

[[yes]] [[no]]


Person who always gets a six when they throw a dice and they've never told anyone.

Contrary to popular expectations, it is not in Flancia but beyond it that all the bugs in the world can be marked [[fixed]].

It is through para-allelism and re-distribution that we will soon defeat Moloch

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I try to run more threads than you could id-fit in a byte

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@flancian Y también es arte y una respuesta filosófica a un mundo confuso y caótico

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@Cantide1 @an_agora I saw an exhibition on printed concrete in [[museum für gestaltung zürich]]. Amazing stuff.

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@flancian @an_agora You might look into container homes. Converted shipping container tech has come a very long way.

You can easily sync [[roam]] with the agora, but for some reason nobody seems to ever try :)

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Sometimes a combination of bugs sends me back to the 90s resolution wise

Where is the [[roam]] community nucleated at and why am I not connecting more with it?

I get the feeling that the roam community and the [[agora]] are very complementary, I would like to somehow add value back to the community even though I currently don't use Roam.

For the people reading this in the [[fediverse]]: is my use of "tweet" annoying?

'live tooting' doesn't work for me currently, I think, although it sounds funny and that's a positive.

'live posting' sounds optimal but unsure if it's within the Overton window (?)

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I'm live tweeting from Flancia, how are you today?

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