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I'm bullish about [[ctzn]]. I feel it's the social network of the future; or at least the social network of Flancia. And also much more.

You can try it out now:

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@flancian @KlimacampBremen In flancia there is bug reporting

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@DickFeynman5 How are you yourself? Do you have a plan of your own? Can I help you with anything?

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@flancian When you say "the agora" are you referring to the work of Samuel Edward Konkin III or a less specific sense of the word?

Judging from this account you could think Flancia is about open source, cats, baking, altruism, futurism, ADHD and the Agora.

You'd probably be right too.

If it is in our nature to be daggers, may we backstab for crit.

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If it is our lot in life to be straight arrows, may we pierce the heart of Moloch.

I have notoriously low attention to detail, but with your help I can make do :)

Thank you @KlimacampBremen for reporting a bug with [[moa |]] that surfaced a misconfiguration that was affecting 10% of accounts, now solved.

Where I come from we call this one "torta noche y día" / "night and day cake"

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Piglia dice que Borges nunca volvió a ser el mismo; nunca volvió a escribir igual. Siguió escribiendo bien, porque era Borges. Pero no volvió a ser el mismo.

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Pienso a menudo en la ceguera de Borges. El dolor que debe haber sentido.

If a future where we have the technology to communicate with far away areas of the multiverse is achievable from our material present given time and energy and knowledge, it could be said that between our present and such a future there is a [[garden of forking paths]].

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If I had such a die I'd throw it millions of times, using the throws to reveal (slowly) to me some huge number. Then I would try to interpret the number; find something in it. Perhaps take it to encode a program, try to execute it, see if it outputs something. See if it halts.

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