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Un podcast: "música de hackers". Estética de los 90s entre [[hackers]] y [[matrix]]. Invitados: expertos de la EFF, personalides de activitypub.

If you like things, consider retweeting. I used not to but nowadays I retweet and boost more; I've seen very positive interactions between my contacts while doing so.

You could think of it as [[benevolent director for the duration of tenure]].

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If you point me to a better person to lead it, I will not renounce it as such; I will gladly step down and follow that person's lead.

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I hereby lay claim to the title [[benevolent director for life]].

If you believe I should step down, please state your arguments and I will follow through if in agreement in accordance to my [[contract]].

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In Flancia many people practice the yoga of the mind.

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Going through [[do]] is a lot like doing [[yoga]].

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Is it ethically reprehensible to feed salmon to your cat?

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[[ocell]] loves these.

Is it bad to feed salmon to your cat, please vote in the poll if interested.

But you have to remember the [[challenger disaster]]. After Feynman's report, the commission voted for banning presentations from decision making processes in NASA.

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Same goes for music and all media I consume. Just let me pirate it; that means I get to choose the format I want with maximum freedom. It's only reasonable.

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Did I commit a crime?

If I did please point me to the easiest way to correct this; I'll gladly pay for movies I pirate.

I say I'm a rogue but perhaps I'm more of a jester.

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