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Preempted by higher priority task: [[front matter]].

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anagora is just [[an agora]].

[[roaman agora]] is an [[agora]].

I [[should]] do any one of the things already in my very large [[todo]] list.

But this weekend I think I'm going to try to implement an [[agora cli]] instead.

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@flancian riot was a much better name.. but anyways matrix is just a stop-over protocol till better things come online.

We're going on an expedition.

Planned duration: 2-3 hours.

[[Ocell]] upset after we tried to put a collar on her so she can go out to the balcony safely

Do I [[push]] too hard?

Or not nearly enough?

Where are the edges of illusion?

Are they also edges in a [[graph]]?

"Non federated systems suck" is my thesis and I plan to spend this decade exploring it.

I love that, the leading client for the Matrix federated chat network, used to be called "Riot" -- but then they realized that governments and corporations weren't into the name as they tend to dislike rioting.

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