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This would be, of course, the best hash I can find.

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(If you like [[Flancia]], consider sharing or retweeting. Flancia is open, self-financed and free for all but can use your social support.)

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@flancian I would first give money to my friends, many of whom are disabled and as a result live in poverty, like I do now. Some GoFundMes of disabled people who need surgery, a wheelchair or something. The rest goes to CFS/ME research: objectively the most underfunded illness.

If you see me post [[wikilinks]], they refer to nodes in the [[agora]]. They can be looked up as such:

[[wikilinks]] ->

[[distributed knowledge graph]] ->

Or just visit and type in the name in the textbox up top.

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The [[agora]] is an open source distributed knowledge graph amenable for use in/as a social network:

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If you'd like to sign up for the [[agora]], please email with information about where you host your content or any questions or comments you have about the process and how it could be extended to accommodate you.

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Listening to 20 different versions of a song to deduce its Platonic Form

Is it too crazy an idea to store the hash of all web user passwords in the [[agora]] in plain sight *if* every user that uses the optional web posting interface is fully aware of it?

I like the idea of the [[agora]] being completely open in that way.

I dislike how [[twitter]] makes it specially hard to download any video content, including hijacking right click.

Why is hijacking right click in browsers even possible? You should be able to append to the menu, never substract.

I sometimes feel like I'm sneaking up on a sleeping dragon.

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@mattyglesias Someone working at Facebook explained to me that the core problem was that the strongest predictor of content being problematic was how quickly it was being shared

I'm liking [[pinafore]], thank you @pee_zombie.

Extension to this extension: if the argument (object to the predicate) in the block is not a URL, a hook can be registered to process the action.

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Idea: extensible redirects.

The [[agora]] already redirects to the URL labelled with [[go]] in

The proposal is that it should do this for any block with a URL. E.g.: should redirect to as per the content of

Users might "save" an anonymous subnode from collection without claiming it -- that means they considered it useful, but did not write it originally.

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Anonymous subnodes might be archived/garbage collected if unclaimed after a TTL expires.

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Idea: anonymous [[subnodes]].

- Anyone can add a subnode to a node on They are anonymous by default (easy to code/implement). They get a random but human legible ID -- perhaps hash+[[bip39]] based.
- Agora users can optionally then [[claim]] them by ID.

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