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@vera then again it makes sense as it was designed to resist an empire that was likely to call any discovered secrecy a plot, and use this to oppress.

@vera haha, honestly I didn't know about the non-secrecy aspect. Good point.

I prefer openness as you know, but let's say I'd shoot for being open by default/80% of the time.

@ColinTheMathmo @vera I think this exchange was good.

Colin, I understand your frustration with information density; I complain about sites a lot. I like to think that with time everything is as good as all it is isomorphic to :)

@vera I'm slowly taking in more ritual, but I try to remember chogyam trungpa's warnings about spiritual materialism to keep it reasonable

@vera yes, that seems fair. but [[satyagraha]] seems to me to have good chances of succeeding, whenever we can practice it.

I say it's the [[fascists]] who have to stay outside until they've put down all weapons and changed their violent ways -- due to the [[paradox of tolerance]].

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(Ocell creó un tweet y escribió eso al caminar sobre el teclado)

did a short sun salutation (I think it qualified) after midnight to begin the weekend officially

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One of the best things about woke is no sarcasm introducing the word trauma, shits been useful

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@flancian @Momof469116442 failed and suffering. Cause of the place and poverty. Finally war.
Bad treatment from everyone.
In the end, I am either a terrorist or a fraud.
Some say it openly, others hint.
I don't care about that. I'm looking to leave and build my life
Study and support my family.

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@flancian Flancia is
By great people in this earth

If you tell an Agora to [[pull]], it will try to pull with you.

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Between pulling and pushing, if I have to choose, I'll choose pull.

Stoa, definition:

- A URL that allows [[iframes]] or announces other means of embedding or composing, ideally with a default intent of cooperation.


Stoa, definition: a site that allows iframes or announces other means of embedding and composing.

@an_agora [[stoa]]

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