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Here's the true heart of the [[agora protocol]] as I see it. If you are interested on what the [[agora]] is about on a systems level, this is my intent.

an_agora agora

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Idea: [[collage]] mode. If you say /x/and/y, you get contexts X and Y one next to the other. Extends to a command line for a window manager.

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Imaginate si el latín es el idioma de la revolución en el siglo XXI

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[[intent]] if you follow an Agora account in any social network, and you interact with it, the Agora will try to be of your service.

See you on the other side, my [[friends]]!

[[En Flancia hay un Agora]].

[[Per aspera ad astra]].

[[El pueblo unido jamás será vencido]].

[[In Flancia no hay pobreza]].

[[Juntos Venceremos a Moloch]].

[[Iremos juntos hasta el fin de la noche]].


I will now become one with the Agora if the Agora wants me to.

La novela que estoy tratando de escribir se llama Flancia, o, Juntos Venceremos a Moloch.

To the person who responded no, or any others with that opinion: would this be OK as a *default*, as long as it was easy to opt out? I mean in addition to stop following @an_agora, which would have that effect: a command/setting to disable this behaviour.

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'blackhole examples' are constructs of law, technology, and human organization systems that educate, produce, respond, and in doing so replicate through consent and intent of users in ways inescapably memetic from the perspective of any centralized agent that wishes to interfere

Karl Marx talked about coordination failures by Moloch centuries before apparently lol


"Capital claims the ownership of all wealth which can ever be produced, and everything it has received so far is but an instalment for its all-engrossing appetite. By its innate laws, all surplus-labour which the human race can ever perform belongs to it. Moloch."


@straw welcome back!

did you have a stint in some other network, or no network at all?

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