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As you pick up the book, you think: 4 hours 32 minutes sounds like a treat

Going out on a Saturday for a change

Do I look like a zombie? The bags under my eyes are now perennial. I'm 38 and this is just how I look most days, even when I get enough sleep (and I didn't today)

IMHO Twitter/Mastodon should add the ability to retweet/boost profiles

@elonmusk @Gargron I guess :)

"This here, our data,
will always be our data.
A Flancian and their data
shall never be apart!"

From [[The Chronicles of Flancia]], ca. 2025.
Apropos of

Dump acquired, thankfully I didn't need a response from you as you seem to be a zombie

@elonmusk imagine if Twitter responded to users *over their own platform*. I've sent 5+ messages to @Twitter and @TwitterDev (I develop for their platform!) and it's like sending to /dev/null

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.@doxometrist how was the [[space]]?! When is the next one?

[[crowdsourced open access]] ~= [[crowdfunded open access]]

h/t @spac3_flow3r
RT @foundmyfitness
I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking this: It's WAY past time that literally every scientific paper should be open access.

I wonder if there's any philanthropies that has this problem in their sights?

Literally just absorb the cost of the open access fee for anyone that applies.

you're right, I wouldn't download a car
i would download a train

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Yo Jewish mythology is sick. The most powerful angel is legit called METATRON and has one million eyes and one million mouths and 36 wings each larger than the Earth. Gabriel could never

[[re decentralizing the web]] by [[ruben verborgh]]
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Adding two more related and very important resources by @RubenVerborgh

Might be of interest also to the community.

cc @flancian @TrailMarks

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