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I have the day off work today! I have some errands to run but otherwise I'll try to focus on Agora development and writing.

For this purpose I'm setting an intent to stay off Twitter until 10pm today -- except if I finish the Twitter/Agora integration path earlier (looks hard).

@trailmarks @neil as in, for example, should we set up explicit interop/cross referencing or instead write to the same index or db (ipfs?)

@trailmarks @neil that sounds lovely!

Gyuri, do you think Trailmarks and Agora users should interop at the protocol (network) level or at the storage layer?

@flancian I find the discussion of centralised/decentralised/distributed really interesting too.

I do like P2P but I'm not sure how far I go with the extreme 'no servers' view of e.g. Kleiner.

There's a clear benefit from something like anagora or, providing a service for others who would not be able to set something up themselves. A server for 50 friends is different from a server for 5 million.

Beaker Browser was cool though.

@vera thank you for your kind words! i passed on the beret though as it looked too militaristic based on people's comments.

I'd rather slay Moloch with kindness

@vera the beret is a no though, two different people told me it looked fash

@vera got a box for cheap and they're great! after degassing anyway. i need to buy more, i got similar ones that weren't as good after this

@vera but aren't NFTs in principle closer to "art" than "expensive art"? I mean, I don't see why they'd have to be expensive. They could be just a convenient platform to develop things that behave like "owned public pointers"?

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The goal of anarchism is a society which enables the full and free development of every individual.

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Just because it hasn't happened doesn't mean it isn't going to happen.

@aral @gert haha, of course. but do we want individual nation states running social networks and other internet platforms? and where do I pay taxes for global services?

@gert @aral community leaders agreeing on a recommendation seems like a reasonable way to bootstrap consensus. Then we "only" need a platform to point people to the consensus alternative.

@gert @aral I think crowdfunding would totally be sufficient *if* we solved a critical subset of the underlying coordination problems, e.g. agreed on *the* Twitter/Facebook/Amazon alternative project to fund

@aral @agora essentially I started an Agora as a tool to build a post-capitalist future with a like-minded group

Q. Aral, what alternative would you recommend to this capitalist product that should really be a public tool for the common good?

A. A post-capitalist one that’s a public tool for the common good. There isn’t one? Then maybe we should fund an independent organisation from the public purse and task it with building it.

#technology #commonGood #capitalism #postCapitalism #colonialism #BigTech #SmallTech

@aral completely agree, we've been experimenting with this while we find a better one to support instead. I'd be interested in maintaining an index of organizations with this intent if one doesn't exist yet -- do you know of one?

@agora [[fedstoa]] [[Flancia Collective]] for reference

[[shamanic coders guild]]
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the guild operates in hyperspace
in my recursive garden
GET to enter the grounds
POST to make an utterance

nice take on the Jewish Sabbath and taking breaks (from social media, technology, more in general devices and situations we can become dependent on)
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@ben_r_hoffman has a great article which was one inspiration for this.

What I do is very different on the object level, but the meta points resonate: if you don't have the slack to take a day to do whatever you feel like, things are not okay.


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