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when companies try to invent alternative realities sometimes it, horrifyingly, works, but other times it just feels like they are trying to make something horrifying work

@vera haha that's amazing, do you use the API straight? What's the interface like?

I think I either never got access or I did but after my attention had shifted

Going to bed relatively early and Burup is like: you silly human, it's the middle of the night

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I walked along the river with friends today and we chanced upon a street food market -- five hours flew by! I am thankful for a beautiful day.

So wait, the shifting gravity (of the moon) generates the tides -- does it also generate the waves? Or are the waves somehow a side effect of the rotation of the planet, directly and through wind? I just realized I have no idea how waves work

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I just had an AI educate me that a [[sense of humor]] is not the ability to get jokes, but the ability to laugh at your own circumstance in life.

By 2027, Latin America's uniting motto was: "Dios salve a la joya en el loto."

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In some Flancias, Buddhism and Christianism or Islam started showing signs of merging around 2025.

I see the confluence of our perspectives
(this could be in a [[spaceship]])

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