A punchline: "one so seldom has the opportunity to meet fellow solipsists."

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@flancian I've been thinking about text editors recently as a nearest existing, or inspirational form for the kind of networked media that I'd like to inhabit. Google docs is still one of my favorite media for collaboratively writing.

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A longterm thread where I talk with @flancian about regenerative media, the agora, programming it

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every so often when i'm a guest on a podcast the conversation gets to "can we make a golden age happen in our lifetimes" and I go full VisaKanye

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it's tempting to assume that human progress happened in a sort of slow and steady way, but that wasn't really the case afaict. it happens in tremendous leaps and bounds. athens gave us philosophy. the guptas invented zero. the baghdad golden age gave us algebra

Imagine people making threads and that yielding podcasts?

@Twitter @Google you should do a partnership.

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I want Twitter/the fediverse but with voice messages, does it exist?

It seems clear to me that ML makes it so that voice snippets and tweets converge.

Nice Agora page where you get to see an interesting multiplicity of takes:


[[yoga]] for the day, half an hour: youtube.com/watch?v=k-A6uxFleL

a nice one. includes chaturanga pushups, warrior II; and I could notice clear progress since the last time we did this.

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@flancian I'd like to turn my dog into a bot. Recording regular samples of his eeg, HR, EKG bio stats ,and eventually camera and mic, backed up in bulk storage for later processing.

I keep forgetting about what's really important.

Could I choose not to forget and still be able to carry on with my life as it is, day in, day out?

Perhaps forgetting is just what carrying on feels like.

Idea for a game: you get n [[agora]] nodes at random, optionally with a composition operation, and you try to assign a meaning to the set or equation.

To try whether this is fun/interesting at all I need to implement 'return n agora nodes at random', which is trivial but seems useful.

Ocell loves to tip things off our desks, so now I leave a die near the edge and see what she rolls

@vera but:

1. The agora ships with a default dir structure, a default hierarchy, so it seems worth considering :)

I might be overthinking things though

Some of the strongest ideas (XMPP for example) just needed more funding and marketing that other projects got to take off.

Or maybe a better flagship project.

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