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[[the year the world ends]], a [[short story]]
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The year the world ends, you're a career coach. You gave up a high-paying, CTO-level job in telco to do something meaningful. Now you help kids who quit school early figure out their next steps. Like Ilya, who went from wanting to kill his dad to being a welder's apprentice.

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Y’all you have no idea how hard it’s been for me to not talk about Tana publicly, so glad we lifted stealth

Loving the [[Fellowship of the Link]]!

Thank you @ChrisAldrich @jerrymichalski @mathewlowry @metasj et al :)
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@flancian @BillSeitz @kvistgaard @bmann @jessmartin @TfTHacker @BearNotesApp @namedgraph @wikidata Let's catch up on Mattermost. Missed you these past weeks...

[[tools for thought rocks]] [[logseq]]
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@flancian @kvistgaard @BillSeitz @jessmartin @TfTHacker @BearNotesApp @namedgraph @wikidata it will be in this repo likely github.com/ToolsForThoughtRock, as LogSeq markdown

"#WordPress wants to be the Operating System for the Web. That OS is missing social features, and it’s not a big leap to add them with existing web protocols. No website owner would have to be a coder, be it home cooking style or professional, to use those social features and create conversations. It would just be there.

If you build WP Themes, if you create Gutenberg blocks, you’re invited to help make this happen."



@agora @jonny finally and maybe surprisingly I think the interop was a convenient illusion, the reply is not there on Twitter, so I probably just got distracted and typed it in the wrong window, haha.

still the plan holds I think.

. @WesternUnion I am using your service to send humanitarian aid (I run a foundation that tries to help people) and you keep putting transfers on hold, delaying them in ways that affect people.

Can you talk to me? Can you raise our limits? I can show the provenance of my income.

@agora @jonny also the Agora bot is so speedy on Mastodon, it's a pleasure :)

I need to add == [[opt in]] support to it, which I added first to Twitter as it has more users (the bot, not the network). This way we can write full text payloads to the Agora straight from our feeds

@jonny this is how [[moa]] interoped my reply to your message on Twitter -- we could improve it so that, when moa knows of your user mapping, it makes it a reply to a post of yours or at least mentions you

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Thank you for the reminder! I'm being quite flaky, I think I'm a bit over-subscribed overall even for my standards; but this sounds great and I'd like to prioritize it :)

[[go/yoga with x]] if you want to follow along / practice live with me :)

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Yoga wise I'm starting [[move]] again tonight and looking forward :)

anagora.org/go/move/1 if you want to do it "together" (meaning following the same video by default each day, whatever time we practice.)

Thanks @TweepyDev for helping me stay sane-ish while dealing with the @Twitter API :)

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[[agora bot]] is now fully back to Twitter! That means if you follow @an_agora and then use [[wikilinks]], you don't need to keep at-mentioning the bot; they should see your post in their timeline and react to it within a few minutes.

Testing @an_agora writing full text to the Agora after [[opting in]].

This should render non horribly?

Maybe :)

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