@Matt_Noyes hmm. Inhibition doesn't come naturally to me on social media.

But engaging with others sounds great of course :)

@cstanhope oh, not at all, I didn't interpret it as such! I appreciate all the information you gave me :)

@Matt_Noyes \o/ let's flood this place ;)

I mean, until someone tells us to stop :)

@urusan [[think julia]] [[julia]] [[turtle graphics]]

Thank you for the recommendation!

@TetraspaceGrouping good question :)

I think the answer is social.coop/public -- which as you'll see is flan-heavy!

@cstanhope is there a directory somewhere of projects and interests?

It's funny because on weekends I mostly post about the [[agora]] and that's literally a social cooperative project :) It'd feel a bit weird to opt that out of "things that social.coop is interested in", but if that's what's needed I'll do it of course -- thanks for the tip!

How can I figure out if I'm doing something that's annoying people?

@Matt_Noyes yikes! My apologies. I guess I'm a bit extroverted online :)

It's a weird problem to have. I can tone it down, bit it feels like it'd be better if the 1k other members of the coop fought back by posting more. Wdyt?

Wait, am I flooding the social.coop local timeline or is what I'm seeing locally an artifact of a ranking algorithm that upranks the user viewing?

- [[push]] [[poverty]]
- [[quote]] poverty is defined as [[absolute]] or [[relative]]. Absolute poverty is a state in which one is deprived from the [[basic rights]] as defined by the [[Universal Declaration of Human Rights]] (adequate housing, food, water and sanitation, education and healthcare). Relative poverty is used to measure the proportion of those living on less than the median income of a society. The latter is most commonly used to measure income inequality in developed nations.

@urusan I love "turtle graphics"!

I should check out [[julia]].

@social.coop just found botsin.space/ -- perhaps it's better form to run bots in a dedicated instance? wdyt?

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@social.coop can I run a bot in the social.coop mastodon instance? This is for anagora.org integration.

If not that's completely fine and I'll look elsewhere :)

Idea for [[agora]] social network integration; everybody can push updates to a node called [[timeline]] and they will be processed as a social media feed.

How you make that work is up to you (although the [[agora]] will eventually have built in support for many networks).

I'm 37 but I endorse this message.
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@flancian @worldbrain @obsdmd @dendron @logseq @AthensResearch @RoamFm @RoamResearch Would love a standard for the Block. Some Unique ID truly unique and addressable across platforms. Something like:



and so on

By the way *everything* I tweet or toot (ha) about it [[open source]], even my opinions. If you want to suggest any improvements or collaborate, please let me know!


It also currently links to:

Less Wrong (requires login)
Effective Altruism (requires login)

It'll link to a good [[fediverse]] search once I find or set up one :)

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