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this is Ocell's face while she tolerates having [[Robofriend]] around

nice view from the office, I'm liking working from the office again 1x a week

[[dinner]] -- two of these, and half of one with a sweet filling for dessert.

How do they select the music, though?

And how did you select the people?

[[pointless]], by Daniel Armengol Altayó

interesting work, musings on the concept of attention

@an_agora @agora

by creating a face-saving way to endorse outgroup opinions this image has contributed more to the practice of rationality than the entirety of lesswrong

Today I woke up wanting to set up a [[hall of mirrors]] effect with two of my computers.

This is the first screenshot after getting them to connect to each other over remote desktop (for Linux).

today is fancy soft cheese day. these are two of my favourites.

top: Vacherin Mont d'Or
bottom: Epoisses

I just realized I almost doxxed myself by posting an image of my "pip boy" (smart watch) with coordinates to four decimal positions while at home.

Instead here's one of it while I was in Zürich main station.

What do [[grimes]] and the [[communist international]] have in common? ⬎

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