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@flancian I'd like to turn my dog into a bot. Recording regular samples of his eeg, HR, EKG bio stats ,and eventually camera and mic, backed up in bulk storage for later processing.

Ocell loves to tip things off our desks, so now I leave a die near the edge and see what she rolls

That fancy building in the background belongs to an accounting firm.

In Flancia it gives out half the office space for free to cooperatives and social projects.

I loved [[on intelligence]] a few years back; it got me into ML, although what Jeff Hawkins is doing in Numenta is quite unique IIUC.

I have youtube.com/watch?v=-EVqrDlAqY with Lex Fridman queued.
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"Your five fingertips touching a cup are like five rats exploring a box."


I guess I'll have to use requests to talk to Twitter for now; I don't think I could tackle upgrading Tweepy to v2 API as I think it'll be needed

Wow, the 'source' (user) page in anagora.org sucks. It's old and creaky. Need to fix it. Should show clearly the git repository that *is* the source upfront.

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@flancian With shifting the paradigm, away from Machines to Humans.
Combining my 'huddle' pattern for InterPersonal Collaboration with pub-sub
People Centered Social Networks can be weaved, not just Twitter, but anything the participants co-evolve it to be.
Activity Pubs too.

Back online my friends, how is [[foam]] doing?

Can I help you with anything?

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I ran into an old note. This is a day that I would have completely forgotten were it not for the [[agora]].

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