I struggled with copying pictures through buggy camera wifi interfaces for years, now I plug them (USB) and run this almost offensively simple script and it syncs + uploads to [[google photos]] every time.

I find it difficult to cope with non-deterministic interfaces.

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My Sony camera exposes a 2MB drive through USB mass storage connections with this, I had no idea.

I put together a chilling place for [[Ocell]] under my standing desk

I never go anywhere without this. a dermatologist recommend this to me back in 2010 and it solved all lip issues I had (severe dryness, cracking). Apply once, ideally twice daily.

I woke up and found [[Ocell]] like this. Sweaters were scattered on the floor below. She seemed rattled; perhaps she had issues climbing down. Now she's fine and happy though :)

If the universe gives you a cat, become a cat person.

Today we're going on an expedition.

River Aare from the train window.

It felt like an [[apparition]]: I'm loving reading journal entries in the [[agora]] as much as I loved reading [[livejournal]] back in 1999.

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