Before I go down to the basement to do laundry, I feel like I need to write this down: we need [[cybernetic monasteries]], or by default, but I'll take all and any.

If they don't exist I'm totally founding one.

@flancian you seen the previous experiments & research at around this concept?

Theres also a network of artists/techies residencies/communities where some of the venues had *a bit* of a similar look/feel to them

[Kerminy](, [Massia](, [PAF](, [Konvent](, [Bidston Observatory]( , [The Foundry](

Somehow just stumbled on this -
Dont know much about it, but a quick read made me think of this thread


@dazinism thank you both for the addition (I ended up reading the [[diamond sutra]] in their site, that was great) and for bringing this thread back into my attention!

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