@vera +[[samuel klein]] [[agora server]] and [[agora bridge]] need to talk through each other through an API

@vera I'll bring up a [[flask]] in [[agora bridge]] so we can send messages back and forth

@vera @j0lms [[agora server]] is [[interlay]] and [[overlay]], [[agora bridge]] is [[underlay]] in [[project underlay]] terms IIUC, [[metasj]] should validate :)


@vera @j0lms one interop issue we have is we need to refactor so that [[agora bridge]] can share code with [[agora server]], currently they're completely independent. some methods like slugify() could be shared, but I'm thinking perhaps all slug stuff is to be discarded, replaced with essentially unicode for resources everywhere

@vera @j0lms so perhaps code sharing isn't needed and we just want to commit to calling each other for any shared logic, that seems like it'd be ideal

@vera @j0lms also we could both write to sqlite and use that to share useful computations in a perhaps clunky but simple [[shared memory]] model, say [[agora server]] runs a [[convert]] (x -> html) and stores the result in sqlite for later use -- if we decide to store content in [[sqlite]] instead of only the graph

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