@flancian Seems like people are settling on camel case for hashtags! FYI

@Sandra @flancian I’m told by blind friends that #UseCamelCasing is a lot easier to understand via a screen reader than #usecamelcasing


Of course, dispatch servers like anagora can translate them into other formats.

For languages that don't have camel case (like some Asian languages), I guess step one is to find out how they do it.

If it really turns out they don't have a praxis, which would surprise me, it might still possible to solve it by using a dict based lexer.
@flancian Or, wait, a way easier solution comes to mind:

Just have the dispatch id (uh, in the case of anagora the hyphen-cased li'l URL "slug") also be run together for those languages. The hyphen in the URLs were just for #UrlAesthetics anyway.

If we do move anagora over to hashtags, and build it around them as the primary idea category identifier, it's, we don't really need any word sep. That's also good in case some sloppy posters forget to camel case their tags: it'll still dereference to the same agora dispatch page like God intended.
@flancian As an example, currently [[URL Aesthetics]] has a "slug" id of url-aesthetics but it could just as easily be urlaesthetic which solves a lot of problems.
That's also how Scryfall does it, FWIW. "Orc All" has the identity relation to "Or Call".

(Disambiguation is exactly what anagora is already good at and this approach'd leverage that.)

@Sandra we already do this effectively, to some extent, as we recall subnodes matching foo.*bar for [[foo bar]] :)

In any case I agree it sounds like a good idea!

@Sandra [[scryfall]] (for filing, plan to add hashtag support to bots soon :)

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