hey @redoak and @idmyn, what is the state of social.coop tech?

cert expired recently, I "fixed" it, and there was some interest from a couple of others to join tech, but wanted to find out current state.

I don't have much capacity for it myself, but could manage a bit of onboarding of a couple of people (add their keys, etc...).

hope you're both well and all too!

@nicksellen @idmyn thanks for handling the cert issue. i didn't realize. that's making me realize i haven't been on element or loomio in quite some time too.

the overall status is pretty stagnant. i've been making sure the bills are paid and trying to keep up with Masto software updates.

i'm going to take a sabbatical soon from as many computer/web obligations as i can, but i'd love to continue some level of involvement here. help with recruiting/onboarding/planning/etc. would be very welcome.

@neil @flancian @redoak @edsu @jonny @idmyn

I would be very happy if anybody feels like doing the scheduling bit (a doodle poll? loomio?), for me, it will have to be on/after 6th April...

@nicksellen @neil @flancian @redoak @edsu @jonny I am about as disengaged as possible without being completely unreachable ๐Ÿ˜… Happy to join for onboarding though on the off-chance that I might be of use..!

@idmyn @nicksellen @neil @redoak @edsu @jonny ahoy there! set up a [[framadate]], hope this works :)


Centered options around Fri/Sat as I assumed that'd make it easier, but please feel free to add options -- framadate.org/sHdp8ktag3STyg1k is the admin link :)

@flancian @idmyn @nicksellen @redoak @edsu @jonny Done - sorry my availability is usually a bit better but happen to be on various easter holidays at present

@neil @flancian @idmyn @nicksellen @edsu @jonny thanks for reminding me to respond! unfortunately the weekend of the 15th i'll be out of town visiting family so my availability around that is super limited, but based on the responses so far it looks like we'll be able to find something that works.


@redoak @neil @idmyn @nicksellen @edsu @jonny happy to extend with dates later in April if it helps! Or feel free to in any way that's convenient (see admin link posted in this thread)

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@jonny @flancian @redoak @neil @idmyn @edsu I filled in mine :)

Suggestion: how about we do one this Friday (8th) (misses out @neil), then another the Friday after (15th) (misses out @redoak and @idmyn but includes @neil)?

Thinking: useful to include @redoak and @idmyn in the first one, as they have been taking responsibility so far, and the second one without them might represent a transfer of some responsibility? (how much we can do without them?)... then after that maybe one without me?

@edsu @neil @jonny @flancian @redoak @idmyn great!

I didn't suggest a time for Friday, but all 3 options were equally available, so I'd pick the middle one: 18:00 UTC on Friday 8th. which is tomorrow...

Looks like we can use the same call link as last time --> socialcoop.meet.coop/dav-y3e-c

(FYI see loomio.org/d/UwAeiBgE/tech-mee for previous tech meeting minutes)

see you tomorrow!

@idmyn @nicksellen @edsu @jonny @redoak I have a potential last minute conflict but I think I'll be able to make it tomorrow still -- if not I'll join next week with @neil for sure :)

Documented links at [[social coop tech group]] in the Agora in case that's useful.

@flancian @idmyn @edsu @jonny @redoak @neil call in 35 minutes! I'm making some pizzas, so might be a few mins late, but will be there :)

@flancian @idmyn @edsu @jonny @redoak @neil @datatitian

thanks for the call yesterday all! felt a nice balance of informal/friendly and productive to me, and not too long... I'm a bit anxious though... did we get the notes saved? ๐Ÿคž ... I've accidentally lost them BBB before...

@nicksellen @idmyn @edsu @jonny @redoak @neil @datatitian for the general problem, would you consider moving to [[hedgedoc]] for live cooperative notes by default?

@nicksellen @idmyn @edsu @redoak @neil @datatitian
~ we should have a wiki ~ โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

@flancian my only preference is that they are "published" to the loomio thread for meeting minutes afterwards, or, the whole lot migrated elsewhere... I love having the whole story together.

@idmyn @edsu @jonny @redoak @neil @datatitian

@nicksellen @flancian @idmyn @edsu @jonny @redoak @datatitian

Ahoy all! Originally a 2nd call was pencilled in for today (Fri 15th April).

Wonder if this was still needed/planned after the first meeting? No sweat from my side if not, I'm happy to join whenever the next one is.

@neil @nicksellen @idmyn @edsu @jonny @redoak @datatitian ahoy neil! IIUC we meant to have the second meeting today, although now I realize we don't seem to have explicitly set the *time* for this one. 18 UTC (if we assume same time as the previous) turns out to be a bit late for me today, but I might be able to make it still.

Given that it's a long weekend perhaps it'd be better to postpone and set an explicit time for the next one, though? What does everyone think?

@flancian @neil @nicksellen @idmyn @jonny @redoak @datatitian that sounds good to me about postponing till we gave an explicit time ... one thing I was confused about after our last meeting was how to request server access--do we just self nominate on that Loomio thread?

@neil @edsu @flancian @idmyn @jonny @redoak @datatitian

ah, sorry about the next meeting thing, I proposed the date, but let the organising of it drop-off, that's on me! (not making a firm plan means it didn't make it to my calendar and planning awareness).

how shall we proceed to get the next one planned? maybe somebody else feels willing to take up the planning part? (part of transition of responsibilities! super useful role!)

@nicksellen @neil @edsu @idmyn @jonny @redoak @datatitian would love to help out there! Apologies about not bringing up a concrete time for the previous one earlier.

Will add new possible datetimes in Loomio? I saw it has this built in.

Also, how would anyone feel about recurring, say every 2w or 4w?

@flancian @nicksellen @neil @idmyn @jonny @redoak @datatitian +1 for scheduling w/ Loomio and having a recurring meeting! I'm willing to start out at 2W and adjust from there.

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@jonny good luck, my friend! Sounds exciting and constructive :)

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