Flancia is the revolution of [[unix]] and [[free software]] continued reasonably after a hiatus due to purely corporate interests dominating the internet in the period 2005-2022.

@flancian Flancia is treating FLOSS as a common and acknowledging we're collectively responsible of it, including its funding, internationalization, accessibility, and governance?

@afr indeed, my friend! Pretty much precisely.

[[flancia collective]] donates to FLOSS efforts; we also take part in efforts like [[agora development]] and the [[fedstoa]] to run infrastructure as commons or a public utility (respectively, currently).

We are also looking for ways to improve -- that is, to learn to do better!

@flancian Oh, I didn't mean to lecture you on your behaviour. But maaany French FLOSS advocates seem to consider it as mere boycott. This mistake harms both the people doing it, and FLOSS as a whole. I'm sorry for any confusion, I'm trying to communicate with intent, but this isn't complete if I don't try to be clear about it.

I wish you a nice day.

@afr oh my friend, I didn't think that at all! I love these conversations, thank you.

I agree with you -- it is important to try to set up systems with revolutionary intent but with a constructive, forward-looking attitude. We need to think about what we'll build together!

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