@flancian I'll admit that I didn't search maybe the most thoroughly because I was supposed to be doing something else at the time, but do y'all have documentation of the jekyll import into the agora? Code links also fine, I couldn't find what specifying that maps to

@maya ahoy! thank you for asking :) [[jekyll]] support is basic for now -- are your source files Markdown? if so, filename.md maps to node [[filename]]; filename-with-slugs.md and 'filename with spaces.md' are also supported.

Is your jekyll site on git? If so, I'd be happy to import it into the Agora and work on any support you'd need (dev.anagora.org if you want to take a look at how it'd look before publishing).

@flancian Well, I wanted to look at how it'd import jekyll stuff mostly so I could get a sense of what I have that might be halfway sensible to include; I have a number of things like the file that gets rendered as maya.land/maya-blue/ The .md has liquid nonsense in it `{% sdlfkjsldf %}` for transcluded link previews, and knowing whether those get excluded is relevant.

@maya I think I added a regex to drop liquid templates and other unsupported stuff... But I might have only planned to do so :) in any case, it should be easy. If you have a repo URL I can set up dev.anagora.org with your garden and see what happens (tm), then we can iterate. I've also been meaning to add attribution/links to sites already rendered elsewhere, this could be a good motivation to get that done.

@flancian teapot.systems/maya/mayagora.g I set up to pull things over into this in order for that Seeing What Happens. my notes in TW that haven't been intended for jekyll link to each other [like this](#target page name) which may or may not play nicely with intended linking practices

@maya nice! I think they render fine, except for the Tiddlywiki convention you mentioned, which shouldn't be hard to fix.


If you included a README.md, it will be rendered in your user page.

If you like this enough to start with it: do you accept the Agora's contract? anagora.org/CONTRACT


@maya thank you! welcome to the Agora my friend.

anagora.org/@maya is live, updates to your garden should reflect in the Agora within ~30 seconds of pushing, plus sometimes caching delay (when a page is accessed it gets cached for a while)

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@flancian thank you! is there anything written about hypothes.is etiquette on the site?

@maya no, it's all emerging :) if you leave hypothesis comments anywhere, they should show up in /latest.

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