Perhaps it's a bit silly we're all talking about NFTs instead of [[digital art]].
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@Fish_CTO Or in the digital art community?

@flancian dA, on my internet, meant deviantART. which has its own digital art ownership system around "adoptables" ( mentions NSFW stuff, doesn't I believe)

@flancian actually you've probably seen me making this parallel before because I talk about it a lot. but it's fascinating to me that the essence of this thing that people pretend came out of silicon valley VC actually maps exactly onto the community-enforced norms of or whatever, and that, just like the adoptable world or *just like the real world art world*, can't actually make sense without community norms layered over the "decentralized" proof of "ownership" part

@maya completely! In general I believe people love markets (and, let's be honest, they are great tools) but tend to forget that successful (ethical) markets are embedded in communities whose norms essentially regulate them.

@maya this reminds me of a conversation we had with [[s5bug]] on Twitter earlier, one point of it being that perhaps NFT-believing people and NFT-skeptic people are two communities (subcultures?) that should just try to leave each other be -- but of course the issue is that one community might think the other has too much freedom (to, say, right-click).

@flancian the parallel that strikes me is the fans and detractors of hyped up streetwear, and it's *fascinating* to me how that parallel is encouraged by NFT folks but not grabbed onto by the anti-NFT folks. figuring out what NFT-type technology might mean in the long term requires untangling which bits of the current milieu are actually specific to the tech and which emerge from other social factors

@maya I think I have a DA account! From about 2002 or so. Now I'm thinking of trying to recover/see what's there.

@maya interesting stuff on [[adoptables]], thanks!

Also [[fursona]]... that's a word I hadn't read in a long time. You could say I'm a flansona I guess.

@flancian an internet-culture journalist I like wrote "My long-held belief is that furries are about 10 years ahead of the rest of the population in terms of our evolving relationship with the internet." if we believe "adoptables == NFTs" then, well, yup!

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