Hmm, I just realized I could easily improve the landing page for the Agora,

The welcome text is a bit old, could do with editing. And we could have a nice graph representation of the Agora up top to make it more visually appealing.

[[landing page]]

s/I/[[flancia collective]]/ if you can read sed expressions -- I never know how obscure this kind of thing is for my readers. Apologies for anything that's too nerdy.)

@flancian You can't have a space there. Also, what is the context? Meaning, why are you replacing capital i with [[flancia collective]]?

@tkenben hmm, I think you can? do you mean because of [] regex character classes? sed does the right thing and doesn't require quoting in the replacement part as that's not a regex:

flancian@paramita:~$ echo "I or me?" | sed -e 's/I/[[flancia collective]]/'
[[flancia collective]] or me?

@tkenben :) the context is that [[flancia collective]] runs, so I'm trying to stop thinking of Agora maintenance/development as something *I* must do in particular -- even though I do it gladly.

@flancian I get why. I ask what is the context, because I'm not sure if I'm missing some part of what is being said in your posts in my timeline, like the RT about [[sam harris]]. I don't know who that is or what that was about. I'm assuming I was catching a passing conversation. Also, how do I follow wiki links?

@tkenben thanks for calling this out!

If you click on my posts with wikilinks, you should usually see a response by @agora with the wikilinks resolved to the Agora the bot is linked to -- which is the only one currently in existence,

You can also install [[agora ext]] on Firefox or (I think) now Chromium and get automatically linked wikilinks (when it works, it's all a bit alpha :)).

@tkenben @agora the bot purposefully doesn't notify other participants in threads to try not to be disruptive, but if you follow it you can do the same -- use a [[wikilink]] and you both get the wikilink resolved and your post gets automatically linked in the Agora page you referred to.

This works better for top level posts than for posts buried in threads though.

@agora about the Sam Harris boost, the missing context was on Twitter, where I boosted that originally. I cross-post boosts in both directions; some people don't like it (that's fine) but I find people on both sides often seem to enjoy cross-network content, and it might bring Twitter users closer to Mastodon.

When the cross post doesn't make it clear what the original context is, you can consult the Agora page. In this case: (wikilinks get slugified in Agora URLs.)

@flancian Oops. Yeah, it works. I should have realized this, because I ran into this problem (user error) using sed for cleaning up a csv recently. I forgot the quotes.

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