The [[Agora]] is a platform geared towards [[problem solving]].

This is the currently best known (to the community) idea of how to solve [[poverty]]: implement a [[distributed basic income]]

@flancian Oh huh, neat! I had my own project called Agora, a ways back. XD

@Angle oh, very interesting! what was it about? where did it lead? if you want to share.

@flancian It was an open source federated site, basically like mastodon, except it displayed posts in a tree view. You can see the source here:
It was never really finished, and will probably need to be updated besides. I'll add some old screenshots of it as well. These ones are really outdated, but I think they show the basic idea. XD

@flancian Eh, it was interesting. Needed a lot of work, more than I could devote to the project. XD

@Angle would you be interested in cooperating/collaborating/joining [[flancia collective]] with no strings attached?

@flancian Hello? I am interested, I just want to know what I'm getting into. XD

@Angle apologies for the delay! I had to context switch and this thread ended on my todo list. Thank you for reactivating!

@Angle the collective is a group of people with aligned values working in public; sometimes towards a shared goal, but often independently.

@Angle I meant to send this link to you in the previous message, but the bot failed :) my code is buggy.

@flancian Interesting! Okay, I'll give it a try. Anything in particular I should look into contributing too? And, if someone were interested in helping me with my current project, Omnicraft, that would be cool. I could use some expertise with code optimization and testing, in particular.

@Angle nice, I'm terrible with graphics/physics (coding in general?) but I'll give it a try and pass it around!

@flancian Graphics and physics aren't actually the big thing I need to optimize right now - that's data management and networking, I think. Graphics could probably use some work, but I don;t think they're that big a deal right now, and I've only implemented the absolute barest and most minimal physics at the moment. :/

@flancian What about other projects I could contribute to? Is there anything you'd point out?

@Angle thank you for asking!

[[go/agora]] is the main repository. ([[agora bot]] should respond to wikilinks with links to known sources.)

@Angle did you get a notification? I wonder -- if you don't mind sharing. I've just implemented this and it behaves differently on Twitter and on Mastodon, so it's hard to keep track of user experience sometimes :)

@flancian Nope, no notificiations that weren't directly from you.

@Angle were you able to see the links anyway in your default writing experience as you were interacting with my messages?

@flancian If I click on your messages to view replies, I can see An Agora responding, but not otherwise.

@Angle in your opinion, is this the right default behaviour? Or should the bot at-mention you to trigger a notification?

I see it as a virtual buddy of sorts, so I don't mind having them tagging me along. But I don't want to be intrusive.

@flancian It should only @ people who follow it, I think.

@Angle oh my friend, right you are. thank you! that's the perfect behaviour.

[[at mention followers]]

@Angle ha, see, it didn't see that message. That's a bug.

@agora [[at mention followers]]


@Angle @agora

anyway :) this is an [[index]] of [[projects]]:

- [[flancia]]
- [[flancia collective]]
- [[agora]]
- [[agora server]]
- [[agora bridge]]
- [[agora bot]]
- [[protopoi]]

@flancian @agora Hey, sorry I got distracted. Id there anything you'd recommend I try and contribute to? And, I could still use help with optimization. Even just some basic help would probably take me a long way, I have no expertise on the matter. XD

@Angle @agora hello my friend! same here, apologies.

Are you on [[matrix]] or [[telegram]]? I'm, @flancian respectively.

@flancian @agora I never use matrix, but I think I have an account? I'll try and dig it up in the morning. :/

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