I always wonder if I'm playing with fire.

One day [[an agora]] might catch on, and it will go down, because I haven't set it up to scale.

But part of me wants it to go down, or at least struggle.

Best case scenario, I rush to move it to [[docker]] and move it to the cloud in time.

Someone already did a [[dockerfile]], it's great. I just need to integrate it back from their [[fork]].

@flancian It'd be fun I think to package if for [[YunoHost]], too. So anyone can easily install an agora, self-hosted.

Maybe it's a bit premature for that to be needed - but eventually it could be fun.

Scaling out rather than up.

@flancian That seems to me one of the beauties of ensuring users own their own data - you don't have to worry too much about it. You just need to be able to spin up a 'view' of that data again.

@neil precisely my friend! That's the intention.

Also, a simple nginx cache in front of any such read only agora works well enough and soaks up traffic spikes nicely :)

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