Mastodon/Fediverse experts:

Some of my friends from Twitter are trying to coordinate a move en masse to the Fediverse.

Which resources made a difference when you were new here? Which resources would you recommend to someone trying to see the potential, and come to terms with the risks, of the [[fediverse]]?

Best resources for me were:
- friends/collaborators to talk to & follow, whose @ tags are known
- 'copy link to toot' option in the toot hamburger footer menu, for sharing outside the fediverse
- Pinafore version of the UI (browser tab and Firefox sidebar versions)
- text editor, for writing messages several toots long
- markdown app for clipping worthwhile threads into - the <Favorites> function and thread display within Mastodon are hopeless for tracking long-running exchanges


@mike_hales interesting, thank you!

Which notes app do you use for tracking threads?

I agree pinafore beats the "main" UI -- if only it had better threading support, and a continuous writing experience (like the one you also seem to want). I'm not good at JS but I wonder if this could be fixed with a campaign/bounty.

> Which notes app do you use for tracking threads?
Ulysses (MacOS) - for all writing, in Markdown. Notes articles books webpages cloud content whatever. Great Ui, with a wonderfully flexible internal file system.

> pinafore beats the "main" UI
In fact I rather like the old UI. I keep it permanently open in a laptop tab. The blue-on-black isn't a great choice for legibility. But I like the parallel panes. Maybe bcos I also live in federated wiki!
I use the Pinafore UI more on the iPad

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