Fixing the world seems easy to me, although it may be cringe to say it. It's a matter of modeling it and solving rationally. I don't see us doing it, so I guess effecting it on the material world is hard. But the algorithms seem simple.


What do you think those algorithms would be?

I wish it was simple but I am unsure on this. Society seems too much of a complex system to have a neat mathematical solution.


@neil yeah, this was a badly worded toot for sure :) I meant 'simple' throughout, but clearly not easy. And I was thinking of incremental improvements more than 'definitive' fixes.

I'm also unsure, this was mostly some channeling of wishful/optimistic thinking. But I'm hopeful about an inclusive, [[ampl]]-like approach to social problem solving?

@flancian Your wishful and optimistic thinking is greatly appreciated!

AMPL looks very interesting - thanks. I think my current preference is for [[agent-based modelling]] over [[equation-based modelling]]. [[Postmodernism]] over [[high modernism]] I guess.

But all of these are slippery terms. Regular dialogue is perhaps the best way to protopia!

@neil totally! I recently heard of [[metamodernism]] as the (obvious perhaps) synthesis of modernism and postmodernism. I'm drawn towards the meta so I want to like it; I need to review more carefully though.

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