Idea: a blogging/personal diary platform (think Livejournal if you were online in 1999) that offers to fine tune GPT-3/BERT on your writing and maintain a shadow blog for you.

@flancian It's be great to set that up to run after you die. Put it in your will.

@tkenben yes -- this is my [[intent]] with all my writing on and precisely. I have stated it publicly before, but it's worth repeating :)

In general I think this could be easy to pull off for anyone that reads this, even if the technology is not yet there: declaring the intent to be simulated based on available resources amounts to making that intent available to all future groups aligned with one's values.

@tkenben the [[agora]] is my own take on a "blogging platform" and it contains my manifesto :)

Do you have a [[manifesto]]?


@flancian A manifesto... hmm. Not so different from yours I think, though in my head the approach is more internal.

Much of the inherent problem is a mind-stream's perception of reality. I would like in no small part to catalyze exposure to ancient technologies used to cultivate the mind body; empower people to attack problems from that focal point. The layperson needs access to methods/ideas for bootstrapping their insight. People already do/advertise this. My approach slightly differs.

@flancian You got me thinking weird thoughts, like what if everyone did this, and their pseudo-persona goes on living forever, the identity of which is given directorship to whomever you entrust in your will. I fear that such a thing would dare become a commodity. Along similar lines, in Neal Stephenson's "Fall", a person's identity is basically a hash of everything you've ever publicly done. The book takes a different direction entirely, though.

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