I am writing to [[Twitter]] now, from outside Twitter, about leaving Twitter behind -- yet remaining in contact with my Twitter friends. I'm accessing Twitter the [[network]] without using the Twitter [[client]].

Choosing this I am able to express a freedom: that of picking my [[UX]] and [[algorithms]] when interacting with a social or knowledge network. Because these networks are human I think this should be a [[human right]].

Care to [[comment]]?

@Wikipedia @twitter @bluesky @google @agora

@vera @agora @Wikipedia through their API; which makes sense. They don't have to necessarily bear the cost for implementing any particular interface. Interfaces being optional and infinite, it is fair to expect some of them to be implemented by other parties. An API does perfectly for this case.

@vera @agora @Wikipedia I just use the default [[mastodon]] web client provided to me by my chosen instance,

@flancian @agora @Wikipedia I use pinafore. I thought you were using like a twitter specific client. this all makes sense now lol
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