For some reason the supermarket stocks berets.
I don't think I can pull this off?


@vera thank you for your kind words! i passed on the beret though as it looked too militaristic based on people's comments.

I'd rather slay Moloch with kindness

@flancian Im gonna slay moloch by any means necessary. moloch has stripped me of my options in which to destroy him.

@vera yes, that seems fair. but [[satyagraha]] seems to me to have good chances of succeeding, whenever we can practice it.

@flancian I have OCD so it ticks more than one box 😅😉
@flancian " satyagraha forbids any tactic suggesting the use of secrecy to one’s advantage." You're talking to the girl who literally dresses in all black and hides in the shadows heh

@vera haha, honestly I didn't know about the non-secrecy aspect. Good point.

I prefer openness as you know, but let's say I'd shoot for being open by default/80% of the time.

@vera then again it makes sense as it was designed to resist an empire that was likely to call any discovered secrecy a plot, and use this to oppress.

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