The [[agora]] is a bit slow, load is high and I shipped a computationally intensive change. Please excuse any disruption while I work on it and reach out if you need anything.

As usual, you can visit to access v-1

I guess I never told you about the versioning scheme: is production running version v, is v-1, etc.

So if HEAD is broken, you can go back in time and run something stabler.

Because I'm a hack only 0 and 1 are implemented.

I'm thinking of perhaps adding nines instead of going the natural 2, 3, 4...

That is, it could go,, and so on.

In this scheme, the version could also be taken to mean an intent of meeting an SLO. But in that case you would lose bijection in the 0..1 range.


In essence you could use 0..1 to map reals into natural numbers, essentially using a subset of the reals to encode an arbitrary mapping. A relationship between two sets.

Because you can encode anything in a string of numbers (per Gödel), you can state a number [[r]] in (0, 1) and essentially communicate a program or a description of an arbitrary Turing machine and input.

To encode a mapping of the range (0, 1) to the naturals, picture a scheme based on conventional prefixes. For example of nines that lead:

template like: 0.<nines>.<number>
regex like: 0.(9+)(\d+)

\1 is a natural number in unary coding, \2 is another natural or a program or data

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