@jiaming Flancia is the revolution that seeks to achieve my standard of living as universal.

@flancian @jiaming i dont want your revolution!! get those massive ass computers away from me

@eris @jiaming thank you kindly for your opinion! I respect it completely.

Flancia is meant to be completely optional and complementary with as many diverse viewpoints as possible.

@eris @jiaming would you like to express your viewpoint? It could be incorporated into the revolution if found compatible, which knowing you I would rate as likely.

@flancian @jiaming and not revolution due to the inadequacy of the revolutionary method

@eris @jiaming what do you think about using reform instead of revolution? Or which word do you prefer for the processes we want to execute to improve the world for others?

@flancian @jiaming insurrection - we must live free already, we cannot wait to be set free.

sadly, im not doing that good of a job of it…

@eris @jiaming gladly -- how can I give you vegetables? that is, how can I help you achieve what you want? if you don't mind sharing

@eris @jiaming if you're not sure, I'm happy to discuss what you feel/think at length; I'll try to think of ways to be helpful

@flancian @jiaming i want to achieve vegetables on my own, but thank you for the offer

@eris @jiaming sounds beautiful! It is the same dream I have, after translating for idiosyncrasies of identity.

Please let me know if you can ever think of anything I can do to help you achieve this.

@eris I see you're also an anarchist.

Do you know [[bolo bolo]] by [[hans widmer]]?


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