by creating a face-saving way to endorse outgroup opinions this image has contributed more to the practice of rationality than the entirety of lesswrong

@flancian it would be really interesting if as much actual serious attention were paid new social phenomena that *advance* civil discourse among average people as is paid to... well

@maya oh, that would be interesting indeed :)

It is my dream with the Agora, although of course I'm limited in skills and time.

Even without a fully working Agora I think we can already discuss the guidelines/values/contexts that would maximize the chances that civil discourse happens, in particular around interesting topics.

@maya I've thought of game-like activities in which a platform chooses two willing people to have a conversation in such a way to maximize the chances that one of them will change their mind on a given position. For this you'd need to know A and B's world models -- which could be inferred from volunteered personal databases. One algorithm that seems promising is: choose two people who overlap in >95% of their opinions/values, yet differ in a key topic.

@maya I'm also interested in the simplest [[contract]] that would give the greatest benefit to a community. So far I've settled on:

- follow the principle of charity
- try to increase mutual understanding over winning discussions
- try forgive mistakes if people said sorry and made amends

@maya wdyt? what would a system that increases the quality of civil discourse look like to you, if you want to share?

I don't know if you can design a whole-system approach to such things -- it seems like civil discourse, where it's existed, has been a sort of emergent phenomenon out of a lot of different practices and customs, you know?

so for me i guess it's all about the small details, which is why that onion-screenshot-as-a-socially-comprehensible-way-to-sanction-ideas-without-sanctioning-their-proponents tickles me.

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