Here's the true heart of the [[agora protocol]] as I see it. If you are interested on what the [[agora]] is about on a systems level, this is my intent.

@an_agora @agora


Users of an Agora use social media to communicate optimally. This means trying to be maximally clear, follow the principle of charity, observe constructive social protocols, and in general follow any all conventions explicitly stated to aim to improve our mutual understanding.

To be in an [[agora]] is to seek knowledge and mutual understanding in public, being explicitly willing to cooperate with others towards goals stated as shared.

Square brackets, [[ and ]], are an example of a technical device that aids inter-connectivity. They work as metadata hints that can serve to bootstrap a [[distributed knowledge graph]]. In general if they bother you feel free to ignore them; apologies.

Note you can use [[wikilinks]] anywhere; most platforms do not support them, but [[agora protocol]] clients can resolve them into any URLs that announce themselves as willing to serve the matching [[agora node]].

Agora clients can optionally also implement the execution of [[intents]] on behalf of users. Wikilinks serve to express an intent to engage in the use of the Agora Protocol in accordance to the latest reasonably endorsed [[contract]].

The Agora Protocol can be extended using [[agora rfcs]].

My personal intents are codified with the greatest fidelity afforded to me in this Agora:

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