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I see us millennials have reinvented the back-to-the-land and commune movements popular among Boomers in the 1970s.

Let me save everyone a lot of grief.

Gardening is a fun hobby.

Subsistence farming is grueling, backbreaking labor that your grandparents worked hard to escape.

@flancian I don’t think this is the full story. Farming that’s modeled on large-scale corporate farming matches that description. Everything I’ve read says that regenerative farming is way easier. The grueling part is fighting nature, planting monocultures, depleting your soil then trying to counteract that by dumping fertilizer, etc.

Here’s an episode of How to Save a Planet that touches on the difference.


@0x1C3B00DA will check it out, thanks!

I think this all depends a lot on personal preferences and the environment you're working within. I'd rather work with computers personally, but would like to be part of a balanced community or [[bolo]].

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