When I post on [[twitter]] instead of [[mastodon]], I miss 'delete and re-draft' a lot. I'm going to start using [[mastodon]] to post more often, as the end result looks the same as moa.party cross-posts.


Picture this: if you don't mind for a minute, consider dreaming with me.

Activitypub clients could be the turning point for a key battle in the 2020s.

Here's how it could go:

We, as a group, decide that the best the fediverse or [[federation]] can do for humanity is to try to provide universal open clients for everything.

This means we try to develop the best possible clients, those most beautiful and most useful, those that really keep the well being of people as their ultimate goal and value -- for any platform.

To do this, we promote interoperability first and foremost.

I say we take what we have now, ActivityPub and WebAnnotations and a handful of other key open standards, and we make the ethical argument that users of any platform or product, regardless of ownership, have the [[human right]] of true ownership of their data.

This, to me, means that when they volunteer their data in any shape or form to a platform they have the right of interacting with it using open standards.

@bmann is it on purpose that the site gives a certificate error? :)

@flancian I know, hilarious right. I need to reach out to the author and see if I can help fix that.

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