Is the fediverse <-> twitter crossposting in this account annoying to you?

I do use both fediverse and twitter clients, so I try to be responsive on both networks.

If yes, what could I do to make things less annoying for you?

If crossposting ever bothers you, please let me know!

This poll makes me think it is generally acceptable to the environment, but if you want tools for opting out of some of my tweets (e.g. hashtags you can filter) please let me know!

@flancian i like seeing your posts more frequently than I would on Twitter

@StevenFan I like that as well!

How are you liking the [[fediverse]]? I can't shake off the impression that it's way more polished and ready for wide adoption than I thought (in my ignorance).

@flancian @nicksellen It's not that I find it particularly annoying. But, as Nick said, it seems a bit like an abuse of the space -- as if the person dropped their wit and wisdom with no intention to engage in dialogue or building a collective discussion - not referring to you specifically, just to other experiences I have had. (You are clearly interested in dialogue.) I wouldn't ban it, but probably discourage it, identifying such posts as robot posts or cross-posts might be a good step.

@Matt_Noyes @nicksellen thank you for the great feedback!

I understand "just pushing" can be rude. I just believe that it is orthogonal to cross posting :)

I think could be easily patched to always include in any interoped message? I might give it a try if needed.

@Matt_Noyes @nicksellen I think Twitter is great because it's 300M people. There's a million social networks inside it.

Imagine auto rejecting a million fediverse instances because you don't like the particular software they run. I'm not sure it makes sense.


@flancian I’d love a way to translate @-mentions.

My -> (Twitter, Masto) workflow means I have to abuse title fields and I have to pick the @-mention where the person typically is. I also don’t know what to call this, because it’s not cross-posting.

Out of curiosity - what do you use for cross-posting?


I use (for my light notes:

translating @-mentions, I believe, is a very interesting project in this space. Social graphs from any social platform 'exist' in the real world in some way, and thus I believe are fair game for data reclaim projects. Users should be able to transport their social graph off walled gardens:

@flancian great, thanks for the info!

Instagram is the one app that I’d love to at least cross post to, but the new API has everyone stuck. Maybe I can contribute.

@bmann interesting -- I have an account and I like photography in general but I just stopped logged into it at some point. I may have a light allergy to anything having to do with Facebook :)

But perhaps I was holding it wrong; social networks are what you make of them.

@flancian it’s all about the humans and the interaction patterns.

It absolutely doesn’t help when the network owner builds dark patterns into the app, and yes I share your allergy.

But there are a number of lovely humans there who I won’t be able to get on Masto never mind RSS (and not Twitter, either).

I wrote “How to Play Instagram” in 2012 — I should revisit this.

@bmann that was a nice read, thanks!

I like your style and the message; and I also found it interesting to note the ways in which this article from 2012 reads "old" -- in the sense that it was written in a context and with an outlook that reality diverged from.

I was also big into flickr at some point! What do you use currently?

@flancian as long as you engage with ppl, it's very welcome. My least favorite part of Mastodon are just bulk mirrors of Twitter accounts with no real input :(

@funkyduffy yes, I completely understand. I intend to be as good as citizen of the [[fediverse]] as I can be.

@flancian I think crossposting is fine but replies, mentions and retweets should be excluded as they don't work well without the original context.

@lukas I think I agree except perhaps with the retweets/boosts part? They are a great opportunity to have people see the content that is available in the [[fediverse]] for example.

Even in the other direction, content seen on [[Twitter]] might be generally relevant or fun; it beats copypasta.


@flancian There are native retoots/retweets on each platform but when you copy from another platform you have to use a syntax like "RT @ name original text" which is not consistent with the native format; I find this aesthetially unpleasant.

@lukas yes, I know what you mean -- it's not ideal, I agree.

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