- About half the time I try to use Twitter on mobile I get this.

- My laptop has stopped suspending because a mysterious logging daemon refuses to release a lock, and today the keyboard stopped responding.

99% chance computers are buggy, 1% the servants of Moloch are onto me. RE the twitter mobile thing: Everyone using android is getting that. You just have to Force Stop the app from settings every time it starts to slow down. Dunno how the Twitter engineers haven't caught it yet

@aly yes, my apologies, you'd told me already -- it's just the other thing happened today and it was too tempting to tie the two together to make the joke :) Aha, no worries! I forget a lot about whether I've told someone something or not

@aly @flancian Of course, I would expect a vile, sinful cishet white male power structure like Twitter to be systematically biased against the black and brown people in the developing world.


@funkyduffy @aly

you jest but every time I see a startup launching/releasing a beta with an app that only works on ios (like clubhouse) I immediately think: right, you only care about rich people.

@flancian @aly

I mostly agree but I think that if you're early in a product cycle it makes sense to focus on one platform for versatility and agility as you continue to evolve the app. Lots of things change in the first year or two. And it seems like it's almost always better for an app to start with high-prestige users and have them be the aspirational model user that the plebs can then follow.

@flancian @aly

Obviously if you're releasing something that benefits from network effects like a social media app, then size >> everything, and you want to maximize possible audience.

@funkyduffy @aly yes, I agree. It's a rational thing to do.

But you could imagine a better world in which companies also seek to be maximally inclusive from the get go, and think of the cost of doing business with people from other backgrounds as part of the equation.

@funkyduffy @aly perhaps non-profits and capped profit companies are better positioned to take this attitude though.

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