If you'd like to sign up for the [[agora]], please email with information about where you host your content or any questions or comments you have about the process and how it could be extended to accommodate you.

The [[agora]] is an open source distributed knowledge graph amenable for use in/as a social network:

If you see me post [[wikilinks]], they refer to nodes in the [[agora]]. They can be looked up as such:

[[wikilinks]] ->

[[distributed knowledge graph]] ->

Or just visit and type in the name in the textbox up top.

You can now install [[agora ext]] on Firefox to auto link wikilinks (alpha!).

By [[vera]]: @vera

@flancian does agora use for the distributed / federated aspects? (I tried following links to the protocol from gh page, but link was dead)

@datatitian not yet but that is one of my top objectives; I am ramping up on the [[fediverse]] with the intention of integrating the right way.

Links are unfortunately mostly broken when viewed in Github as it doesn't support [[wikilinks]], but any Markdown you see in or is viewable and properly cross-linked in

@datatitian if you have any hints or recommended resources for [[activitypub]] please let me know.

I'm focusing on adding some core (in-agora) functionality today, but I expect to get to drafting some first milestones for federation this weekend/next week.

@datatitian there's a simple proposal for resolving wikilinks in the works:

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