really like the idea of #agora , have you checked out #opencog and there concept of knowledge graphs?



@fleeky thank you very much for the pointer! I believe I had heard of it but didn't node it, and then I lost track. I'll add it to the Agora now and try to review this [[tomorrow]].

@flancian also, side note, i use @cblgh wonderful monotome software it uses markdown and i am wondering if it would be possible to add my digital garden's uniqueness to the collective agora knowledge base ?


@fleeky @cblgh yikes, I dropped out of this thread! Thank you for tagging it with , now I found it :)


@fleeky @cblgh first: that looks great.

Yes, definitely. I could scrape it as is; but do you happen to have a (git) repository just with the Markdown files somewhere? If so that'd be even easier and updates would be much faster.

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