Would you like to join me in the Agora?


If you like taking notes, you're almost already in it :) If you tell me where your notes are (I keep mine on github.com), the Agora can pull them and integrate them into one big social knowledge graph.

@flancian this is super interesting. I mix and match my notes along with blog type posts. See bmannconsulting.com for my single player garden.

Source is on GitHub but currently private. I guess you’re going to need to add adapters that transform different Markdown inputs?

@bmann nice to meet you!

Yes, exactly. I'm keeping track of the implementation plan in the Agora proper: anagora.org/node/agora-plan.

Right now there's an adapter for [[Roam]], and native support for [[Foam]] and [[Obsidian]]. But I'd like to add adapters for, well, all formats :)

@flancian I sort of use Foam / Obsidian but have some customization to get the Jekyll site generated from the Markdown source.

I have an open repo now with some test content I can experiment with, will take a look at the plan.


@bmann it would be amazing if you wanted to join the Agora! You are 99% of the way there; the URL of an open repo with Markdown notes in it following any reasonable standard (I can add code to handle idiosyncrasies if needed) suffices.

anagora.org/node/contract are the values of this Agora. But there could be many.

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