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Nathan Wittstock

Few people remember this, but in the early 2000's if you wanted licensed music in your video game, by law one of them had to be Rob Zombie's "Dragula".

Android is based on Linux, which means you have the freedom to... uh...
*turning pages of notes frantically*
to tell people it is based on Linux

ah, a swarm of wild active directory domain controllers. nature is beautiful.

laughing at a joke i left in this code two years ago. it's not a good joke, but past me knows future me pretty well.

lookin' up our API docs to remember how the API I wrote works.

my kingdom for some fucking types

that face when you pass a function where a string was expected and javascript coerces it into the source of the function and goes about its merry. -.-

not back by popular demand: you didn't want it so you don't got it


Horizon: Zero Dawn was written by the same fellow who wrote Fallout: New Vegas.

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obligatory "oh no, my indie cred" but the first three foo fighters albums fuckin' rule

the little bit of exposure i've had to kotlin; it's a neat lang so far, but it is _big_. likely necessity for java interop, but woah there's a lot of syntax there.

if you have a personal web log, please reply with the url!

an attempt to collect everyone’s blogs - so as to not let precious non-commercial content go unread and unnoticed - is likely the only time i’ll ever ask:

please boost this toot.

this is effectively no different than adding a world clock complication and setting it to Reykjavik, but this way you get "UTC" displayed next to it rather than "REY". also there's a couple of display options world clock doesn't have.

if any of y'all have an android wear device and wanna try out my UTC time complication: