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Nathan Wittstock

printing a new axis stabilizer for the printer, in a nice purple.

online is seein' how many things you can ignore at once, until you burn it all and start over

GitHub: you have 404 notifications.

me: *closes tab*

oh my GOD

tired: returning multiple values from a function via data structures
wired: returning a comma-separated string, then using a regex to unpack it in the code performing the call

*slaps top of Ted Cruz*

this bad boy can hold so many unsolved murders spanning the 60's to 70's!

i got artisan fuckin' bugs y'all

me at bugs in your software: darn heck friggin' crap

me at bugs in my software: look at these bespoke errors really feels hand made

got SMB 2 world 1 stuck in my head; music, vegetable pullin' sounds, and all

this definitely won't make a goddamn mess everywhere, nope nope.

currently thinking through if i could build some sort of small DIY fire suppression system, like a small contained halon system, but probably not halon. maybe more like something that just blasts a fire extinguisher at an object full tilt if a fire is detected.

the worst thing about Square is now I have ice cream shops emailing me for no reason. when did opt-ins become the default for this?

Always fun when I'm humming along and harmonizing to a beat, then suddenly realize that it's the alarm tone for a piece of critical equipment that my brain decided to remix

i need to carry around like, a pocket caliper. or add a ruler on to something that i already carry with me. don't want to carry more things, do want to measure things.

dude on the train platform dressed like he's going to a ska concert. I'm into it but it's gonna be 94°+ today man.

call me a millennial 'cause I love to kill industries

designed and printed a tiny window stop! I'm excited about this, because the manufacturer used non-standard ones, and I haven't been able to replace the old broken one despite a lot of trying.

some day I'll make an articulating one like the original, but this one that you take in and out is not so bad!

Looking for a new developer job! Remote or PDX. Python, JavaScript, React, SQL. I enjoy full stack dev and data mangling. I'd love to continue working in healthcare and/or with products, businesses making the world a better place. Resume:

I wonder if there's anywhere you can buy a bigass assortment of screws. I never have the dang screw I need.

it was 8+ hours of assembly but like, day one and I'm printing parts I modeled. I'm flipping astounded.