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anyway: it sounds fuckin' great now; took all the noticeable wow and flutter out of it, and rewind/fast-forward aren't prematurely auto-stopping any more.

just replaced the belts in a Marantz PMD430 cassette deck. i'm grateful that it's servicable but wow, that thing is the best example of "just add the feature, who cares what it looks like inside" i've seen in a consumer product. you can see where they started out with socketed cabling in earlier iterations, then just started soldering new wires wherever. this isn't bodge either, i've seen photos of others that match mine.

i got a network printer working, and only yelled out of frustration once :chuffed:

i just realized one of the obvious conclusions of persistent AR is virtual pets. for a minute i was kinda horrified but i'd really love it if my neighbor's horrible dogs were virtual ones that only they could hear.

this cereal says it's lightly sweetened but i'm gonna go ahead and say it's medium sweetened

and now it's time to try project highrise

that said: i installed a secondary ssd in my t450, a teeny tiny m.2 form factor one, and that was very cool. it's working great so far.

and really i guess it is hyperbole and this is more my shock that this is meant to feel cohesive in any way. it doesn't.

i installed windows 10 on my t450 so i could play some games and it's more discordant than linux. i realize this probably sounds like hyperbole but i'm just sort of shocked this is considered a polished product.

E3 Predictions:

Shadows Die Twice is actually Metal Wolf Chaos 2

Microsoft reveals their new console, The First Xbox, making it even harder to talk about the original Xbox.

Reggie smashes a cartridge of Mother 3 with a sledgehammer on stage.

Bethesda shows off that Elder Scrolls VI "is out now." The game consists entirely of a single title screen and a set of modding tools. Todd Howard tells the crowd that the core of Elder Scrolls VI is the imagination of the players and their free labor.

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If I wanted to make the most frustrating game ever, it would just be a full game of the Genesis Sonic 1 bonus stages.

YOU: Hey bud, working hard or hardly working? Hahaha
ME: Hardly working, but in the sense that a shattered marionette is hardly working. In so breaking, I have broken away from the normative values that once controlled me; but in the process, my guiding narrative and image have also been deconstructed and scattered; and so in light of this, my animating urge must be rebuilt along some new mode, or I will simply be swept into the garbage

Monad is plural, a single monad is a moni and it's what Billy Idol was singing about but he spelled it wrong because there wasn't consensus in the programming books of the time.

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Cloudflare DNS-over-HTTPS is working with secure-operator, the DNS proxy I maintain. There were some caveats, but they were quick to fix issues with their responder.

So, an alternative to Google's now available!