played the computer game 'donut county' today. it was cute

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drugs, boring lifeposting Show more

today i figured out how to use the british national corpus to look up collocating words and was briefly proud of myself

I still can't tell if I hate it or not. I'm getting a new therapist next time apparently. It's going to be weird doing it at the same time as a Phonetics course at college where I have to keep recording and analysing my own voice for it this semester

today I went to voice training it was an appointment 30 minutes later than I thought. I had to pretend that I had done any of the exercises over the past 6 weeks. I got some new handouts. It was a time.

i now have an app for this. get ready for CONTENT

every single time it is impossible for me not to be amazed by how awful it is

what hateful misanthropic demon created the RTÉ player

is there a mastodon instance for people who like to vape

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