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@audiodude The neat thing is that in practice is way better: We won't replicate your feed and only your followers will see it since there is no global state, plus we will flag you / block you and others will be warned about you.

So overall I think it has way better potential than centralized moderation. :3

@audiodude yeah, still early adopters but very interesting takes on information. Another cool thing is their "Free Listening Manifesto". :3

I am a tech market researcher and journalist working in . I'm always interested in new and better ways of doing things, technical, political, environmental. Not disinterested in old and really terrible ways of doing things too, so long as they have some internal logic.

“There are two novels that can change a 14yo’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders an obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted adulthood. The other, of course, involves orcs."

We are excited to launch our redesigned Surveillance Self-Defense site, which now contains over forty guides in eleven languages, filled with tips on how to protect your communications and privacy online! ssd.eff.org/ source: twitter.com/eff/status/9693426

Talent Sharing / Gifting TaleNet first beta released.


Has anyone tried it yet?

@amsomniac @h I have keep my eye on that. the other cool thing is Loomio making a ssb plugin. (ssb-loomio)

It hasn't been released but there are motivated individuals making cool decent(ralized) projects.

@fabianhjr @h I think the name is unfortunate (and probably brought this up before) but colony.io seems like it could be a tool for a transition to a communalism or at least the basis for more platform co-ops

Waymo (Alphabet) ramps up marketing efforts for this year Self Driving Ride Hailing Service launch. Main goal appears to be to reassure the public and drive market awareness.



> Also, I hate how the mainstream left has largely turned its back on technology and considers its emancipatory capacity only in the context of libertarian dreams of anarcho-capitalists. I want to help change that narrative too and help more humanists/socialists understand how technology can set them free and how cryptography allows for an inherently heterogeneous world, totally opposed to the current hegemony of USD-convertible capital.

from @kyrtdfh at

@h > and childish moral arguments on the sophistication level of "they're bad guys so their tools are bad too", and obviously we're the good guys, so we can't use that to defend ourselves.

Yeah, that is partly at fault of why there are no cool left ideology crypto projects.

@fabianhjr I just think that not enough radicals understood it, otherwise they would have seized the means of production to advance their own causes.

I only keep hearing pretexts for not seizing the means of production, complaining that the state doesn't give them more things instead, and childish moral arguments on the sophistication level of "they're bad guys so their tools are bad too", and obviously we're the good guys, so we can't use that to defend ourselves.

Beyond a threshold determined by human scale, humans become unable to appreciate how much more powerful a processor is, for example, in the same way that the human eye is unable to appreciate the quality improvements on video display technology beyond a certain threshold of display resolution. The human eye has only so many photosensitive cells.

If the trend holds, one day libre computing will approach the threshold of human appreciation for computing power.

When I see articles about new mobile devices with very powerful hw specs (that until not long ago were only available on mid to high-end computers) what I see is not the mobile devices themselves, but the potential for other older tech now considered démodée to be liberated, because capital doesn't know what to do with it anymore.


Computing power and capacity grows, but humans stay roughly the same. Thus potential freed computing power differential grows proportionally

Conservatives and liberals have convinced too many people about the absolute finality of their respective visions of the ends of history they rehearse in their minds.

This firm conviction that nothing but these dictated, restricted pre-fab permafutures are possible is not defeatism, and not self-defeating: it's something worse.

It's inception of an idea deep down the brain that from the perspective of the host of the ideavirus feels like he has thought those thoughts himself

Parasitic disease

@h \o I just think that most blockchain projects are trash since they don't even dare to break with neoliberal ideology.

Duniter is cool tough and I am open to consider other blockchain projects. I just think that the commodification/tokenization rush is counter productive and not emancipatory.