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It's all cool and dandy but what closes the deal for me is pubsusb.


🚲 Fabián Heredia 🌹 @fabianhjr

@h I didn't even know that IPFS had pubsub support :O

@fabianhjr It was added experimentally a while ago.
But before that, I was going nuts trying to reuse Ethereum's swarm and keeping both things together.

This is a lot better, even if experimental and imperfect for now.

@h have you tried yet?

I think you could do decentralized pubsub with that protocol.

@fabianhjr It's on my to-do list. Waiting for it to be less hostile to non-javascript users.

@fabianhjr And if you're a javascript person, there's acceptable support of ipfs for node anyway. So we're probably going to have gateways and other tools to bridge technology of the resistance like ssb, ipfs-pubsub, and matrix.org

Take for example ipfs-pubsub-room. Piece of cake.


@fabianhjr You have to start your daemons with pubsub enabled like this:

$ ipfs daemon --enable-pubsub-experiment