Hi all , there are three important decisions about Federation:

- Mute (this means they won't appear on the federated timeline; anyone can still follow accounts there)
- Suspend (reasons exposed there)
- Give standing jury the power to mute instances for some reasons up until a Federation Policy and CoC is enacted.

@protean @nev are you on the loomio? :O

Will check when I get home.

I really hope that's the only loomio I'm on. 😉

@protean @nev hi, be sure to join the Community Working Group to see the polls :3

@protean @fabianhjr @nev I also see no open polls; I was only very recently approved for the loomio, if that might have something to do with it.

There needs to be a lot more transparency around these working groups. Everything is hidden! That's not how we should be running things.
@nev @redoak

@protean @nev @fabianhjr seems to me that something like a "Chapter 2" getting started guide might be useful, in other words, "OK i'm on loomio and opencollective, what do i actually do here" - but i don't feel i have the authority or capacity to spearhead actually following through on that idea. heck maybe it already exists and i just didn't see it!

@redoak @fabianhjr @nev I twould be a lot easier if things were "public by default, private only if absolutely necessary". What's the point of hiding the workings of the coop behind so many layers of access control? It's a mastodon instance, not a bank.

@protean @nev @fabianhjr @redoak

I think your concerns are being shared by a lot of people- even those who are in all of those 'hidden' working groups!

My feeling is that working groups, discussion threads etc. have sprung up on a needs basis and there hasn't been time/ energy put towards being accountable to best practices.

I believe this project is attempting to address this issue:

@emi i don't seem to have permission to view that link 😅 anyway i'm hoping to have some time over the next few days to really dig into loomio and the wikis and get a bit clearer of a picture of things myself.


oh... we've been having problems with that- I don't think this was supposed to be a closed/private group/thread. Something to look into!

@fabianhjr @protean @nev sorry, I see I still have a lot to learn about how the coop works right now and how to get involved in that.

@redoak @nev @protean no worries. I am here to help out. ^-^

Loomio isn't that intuitive but I have used it before in Wikipolitica.

Never heard of bofa lol, any reason in particular to mute them?

@rick_777 some bad shitposting. (Though, I love @ipm, so I will follow them)

There was a controversy around bad shitposting from idiot @ and they dicided to allow bad shitposting (edgelords) but recommended the use of CWs and followers only.

A member of raised an issue about allowing such instances in the federated timeline so muting is IMHO a good approach.

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