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I found this today,

Lots of moving parts to get off the cloud: 1. Smartthings -> Home Assistant; Google Home -> snips | Jasper | ???; Harmony -> ???

All these things have to be done without disrupting the users, my family, who have little tolerance for broken tech.

Oh my! CW that. For a second I thought there were ads in the Fediverse and it scared me. :)
@Siphonay @maffsie @tom

I use Signal with people I don't mind giving my phone number to (Even then I use my burner #)

I'm waiting for Matrix e2ee to leave beta and then I'll probably run it myself and force all channels to e2ee.

Is there a free open source version of Google Home? I want to be able to control Harmony and Smartthings with my voice


I don't miss Facebook. The people I'm close with are on Signal and I keep tabs in a active, private way.

On FB, we passively keep tabs and no one really knows we care enough to pay attention to their lives. Comments often a battle of wills and ego rather than an opportunity to reach out.

My public life is now on public venues like Mastodon and Twitter where there is no illusion of privacy. I keep my secrets off those platforms.

Nice! "RustBridge is a workshop focused on getting underrepresented people with a background in another programming language to learn Rust and join the community."

@blakehaswell you take one wrong turn on Youtube and the algorithm starts thinking you want more Alt-Right content...


In this example, it is impossible to access the value outside of a lock.

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For instance, I'm trying to convince a coworker to use a higher-ordered function to protect access to a value that needs to be locked.

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I'm an imperfect programmer. If there's a away to structure an API or use a compiler that saves my butt, I'm going to use it. That's why I really like Rust. Rust saves my butt (or it will if I ever use it in prod)

Yeah, I got a lot of flak for that in a blog post I wrote a while back. I've since started calling myself an engineer. In my defense, back then I had no idea what a computer scientist did. You live and you learn.

Ha, I just got "Test of the emergency broadcast system" on my phone. We live in the future.

@bilbono @MRensema Same. For me, Computer Scientists do research. Everyone else is an engineer of some kind. CS = Research, Engineering = Application of Research


After I removed the cruft, my accomplishment seems less significant. :/ Meh, whatever. I'm still proud of myself. I finally feel like a rustacean!

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I built a simple CLI in Rust to generate a Markdown version of the Bullet Journal Monthly Log page. Because... of course I did. I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of lifetimes.

I hate to be the 🐻er of bad news but your hamburger menu doesn't open on Android.

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