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Is there a social network that encrypts posts so that only the people in your network can read them. i.e. not even the admins of the server can read them.

Eric Moritz (he/him) @ericmoritz

For instance, if I wanted to run a private Mastodon instance for friends, I could read their PMs. Basically I want a social network where friends exchange keys and posts are encrypted between us. Surely this isn't a new idea.

Ooo. This maybe what is needed to build that. The properties described in the background are perfect for storing encrypted federated social network posts.

@ericmoritz Not only isn't this new, library support is stellar these days; most major languages have bindings to NaCl, which makes it really easy to make keys, encrypt, decrypt, etc: offers clear threat models and makes it hard to screw up. It's never been easier to do crypto correctly.

@cathal Yeah, I am aware of NaCL. What I was wondering about is if there was a social network that was entirely private. A copy of your post is encrypted for each friend and only that friend can read the post. Making it impossible for a 3rd party to use that data.

@cathal If that doesn't exist. I'm curious if something like that can be built on the foundation of matrix. Using matrix as a way to replicate encrypted posts to friends.

@cathal If privacy is the goal, maybe social networks are not the appropriate tool. Perhaps an Asynchronous End-To-End encrypted chat platform is more appropriate.