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My team needs a kickass UX designer. @Greenpeace team is made up of Earth shakers! Come work with us: workfor.greenpeace.org/vacanci

@epilepticrabbit Has Greenpeace stopped demonising nuclear and GE crops yet? :) Always happy to see work towards genuinely green issues like anti-coal and wild-land preservation, but I can't support GP as an organisation until it ditches the pseudoscience and faked numbers that prevent us using our best environmental options.

Everything has context, both my opinion and yours. There are good people at Greenpeace, just like there are good people in government and good people who own firearms. There are good people who call bullshit and there are good people who make compromises for what they believe is the greater good. Same with entire organizations – we all choose our battles based on context. That said ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @cathal

@epilepticrabbit Absolutely! The issue of Greenpeace being selective with facts bothers me _because_ it's an org that has great intentions and great people. If I didn't think Greenpeace could do better, I wouldn't even bother mentioning it.. plenty of groups get a free pass from criticism because they're entirely beyond hope. But, Greenpeace _is_ too far from reason for me to support it generally, yet. I hope that changes. We need , and fast.