Actually, anyone who has tips for changing Mastodon instances - I'm all ears :)

- set up the "this account moved" thing on the old account
- add a "new account of <>"
- export your follower list, import it on the other instance

this way when you import the follower list and people see you followed them, they will see that the accounts are connected and hopefully they'll follow you again

also, download an archive of your old account, there is not way to import it YET but it's best to be prepared

(correction, because redraft isn't working for some reason: it's probably obvious, but: the "new account of" should be on the new account.)

@grainloom THANK YOU, that's very helpful. I hadn't paid attention to those prefs :D

@epilepticrabbit If you can wait till tomorrow we should be updated to the latest version of Masto (2.5) on which should give you some more tools for making the move a bit smoother.

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