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FUCK YES. I'm 100% here for redistributing the assets of toxic men to those they've harmed. Making Blue Bottle Coffee a 100% worker-owned (& hopefully democratic aka cooperative, but tbd) company would be an amazing next step following the ousting of the serial sexual assaulter owner. Reparations! Awesome precedent! How is this just a mention at the bottom of the article, and not the headline?!


Bought weed "legally" in California for the first time in a weed shop just now! Way less good than the Netherlands. They've got no coffee, cookies, or community. Meh. Apparently you only get one dollar off if you've got a weed card, huh, I thought the discount would be bigger.

Who is your favorite living philosopher? And, if you can explain, why?


another one of the --> by ! you can download it free here: chanceraps.com

i was biking home last night and just as i was about to pull over to get a drink at the bar, came on my headphone and i went, "nah, i wanna listen to chance, that's better than a beer."

the vlc icon has the santa hat on! just updated for me today!

Sexual Violence, IPV, Abuse Show more

Sexual Violence, IPV, Abuse Show more

has anyone here ever enrolled in or is currently enrolled in a graduate level program?
would you be willing and able to answer a few questions about your experience, if so?

the office is perhaps my favorite show of all time.

i got that gucci mane autobiography to round things out...

What am I doing on my last morning in Indonesia for the next while? Why, downloading episodes for the 26 hours of plane travel, of course! Any suggestions for books or movies to download that might balance the Kardashian energy? I've got a fair amount of Frankfurt School Marx, finished most of my novels. I love religious philosophy and am focused a lot on and atm.

It is absolutely pouring rain right now, by the by.

"performative whiplash of contrition" - the ever brilliant & amazing ruby levine, my friend โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ, re: people apologizing for things

i feel so grateful to know some awesome women.

do any of you guys know any accounts/instances related to d&d? my friend wants to know. also if you like d&d and want to talk about it and/or want to start a campaign, hmu and i'll send you his way.

Solo travel order of operations: vegan eatery for salad, punk bar for whisky, then onto train to listen to Mariah Carey Christmas album

- not just the "Judge," even/especially the reckless "Reillys." The "Bobs," too, cuz what justice does an immortal raping fuckhead that can't be healed bring to anyone? Sincerely - a "Junkyard Woman"

dailymotion.com/video/x5gawae // bobdylan.com/songs/seven-curse

@emily Depends on context. In a muslim community context it means something vastly different from its meaning in a gay community context. villagevoice.com/2009/06/17/ga

Anyone know what a black hanky in the left pocket means in hanky code? Or, is it nothing?

i give you just a little appreciation to start or sustain your day (it's a performance?!) -->


this man is just so delightful