i played at the library today and the instructor convinced me to play in a tournament in two weeks. he said id probably be about "average." i think he might have forgotten how many moves he let me take back during our game.



if you need me, ill probably be practicing tactics on chess.com so the adolescents dont totally crush me. if youve chess tips, gimme gimme!


i am in the throes of preparing to submit applications to phd programs - largely inter-disciplinary and philosophy-adjacent ones. basically, i'd like to join the ranks of "general intellectuals."

i've been looking for faculty doing queer/feminist/anarchist philosophy, trauma studies, as well as some inter-disciplinary psychologists and physicists - like at uc santa cruz history of consciousness (i've got a lifetime of things i want to study).

@leedscath where you at these days? im back stateside and not stupid sick any longer... hope youre well! <3

y'all -- now even /jay-z, kanye, and westworld are all on the same tip!

on a related note, one of my longest running crushes has probably been on

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calling it now that the plot culminates with Dolores accessing a loving relationship with a human, maybe elder William, but tbd.

just continues to validate me. fuck yea, analogous robot war!

Any pretense of reducing the role of state in capitalism is a lie. It is impossible to smash the state without, as an immediate consequence, smashing capitalism along with it.
-- Kevin Carson

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sooo... turns out i am not a weak and terrible person, I HAD MONO... FOR MONTHS. that shit laid me the fuck out. do not recommend. 0/10. i literally almost died, shit got dark. if you need some chronic illness solidarity or support, please get at me. cuz, damn.

I just watched the Season 2 Premier of and I am so stoked! I have been so personally invested in waking up!

White girls get woke! Ride out on the oppressors! We're especially well situated to strike! Leggo!

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