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y'all -- now even /jay-z, kanye, and westworld are all on the same tip!

on a related note, one of my longest running crushes has probably been on

wait, wtf, jay and silent bob were in degrassi?!

what you look like caping for the right now

and might be on the same tip. feel free to @ me.

calling it now that the plot culminates with Dolores accessing a loving relationship with a human, maybe elder William, but tbd.

just continues to validate me. fuck yea, analogous robot war!

Any pretense of reducing the role of state in capitalism is a lie. It is impossible to smash the state without, as an immediate consequence, smashing capitalism along with it.
-- Kevin Carson

#anarchism #quote #bot

i suppose the inverse of is . imma write an essay about this!

today's aesthetic: scuzzy, but make it a look

sooo... turns out i am not a weak and terrible person, I HAD MONO... FOR MONTHS. that shit laid me the fuck out. do not recommend. 0/10. i literally almost died, shit got dark. if you need some chronic illness solidarity or support, please get at me. cuz, damn.

I just watched the Season 2 Premier of and I am so stoked! I have been so personally invested in waking up!

White girls get woke! Ride out on the oppressors! We're especially well situated to strike! Leggo!

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I feel so seen & validated. I just met with my supervisor for our final meeting and I shared I was dealing with a month+ of sickness. He said, "Geez, you've had a tough couple years." I was like, "Yes! I have been chronically ill for 2 years! Thank you for noticing!"

Then we discussed how you get sick on vacation or when relaxing and releasing . Which is 💯. I pray this is the last of it. I feel like 2 years of chronic illness in exchange for 5 years of total hell is more than fair.

when you have no smiley faces of any kind in your "recently used" emojis, you know it's been a tough month.

Had a great time meeting and talking (forever!) about co-ops with Cath from Leeds. Cath is on a worker co-op learning tour of the US. Heads up to all you co-op geeks. She may be headed your way.

Deep bow to @emily for connecting us!

also, just fyi, paul shaffer does the music for dave's new show. lol

i always kind of thought that i'm the beyonce to the jay-z, but after watching his interview with david letterman - i'm wondering if i might be more of a jay-z... #443 #444