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Our first book has been selected! Derek Wall: Elinor Ostrom's Rules for Radicals. Cooperative Alternatives beyond Markets and States (2017)

i have been all these women. every one of them - in some small or big way.

i appreciated this so incredibly much - i really recommend listening, particularly for women.

it is a this american life episode exploring abuse of power and sexual assault/harassment (CW) in the workplace by one man (Don Hazen of Alternet) of several women. it includes interviews with five of them, including his long-term partner.


anyone in the love as much as i do and wanna go to the live show at the fox in june?

tix are $55... (totally worth the $$$, listen to their live show at the apollo from last week - twas amazing!)

i have so many notifications cuz i tooted a bunch then logged off for a few weeks. i've "tried" to get back on, but just get overwhelmed by the notifications and x out the page instead of reviewing them. so, just fyi i'm gonna clear them all and just start afresh. <3

on (cw: sexual assault, abuse, violence)

this hits super duper close to home. sometimes it's what to do about the quentins that is the hardest: nytimes.com/2018/02/03/opinion

FUCK YES. I'm 100% here for redistributing the assets of toxic men to those they've harmed. Making Blue Bottle Coffee a 100% worker-owned (& hopefully democratic aka cooperative, but tbd) company would be an amazing next step following the ousting of the serial sexual assaulter owner. Reparations! Awesome precedent! How is this just a mention at the bottom of the article, and not the headline?!


Bought weed "legally" in California for the first time in a weed shop just now! Way less good than the Netherlands. They've got no coffee, cookies, or community. Meh. Apparently you only get one dollar off if you've got a weed card, huh, I thought the discount would be bigger.

Who is your favorite living philosopher? And, if you can explain, why?


another one of the --> by ! you can download it free here: chanceraps.com

i was biking home last night and just as i was about to pull over to get a drink at the bar, came on my headphone and i went, "nah, i wanna listen to chance, that's better than a beer."

the vlc icon has the santa hat on! just updated for me today!

Sexual Violence, IPV, Abuse Show more

Sexual Violence, IPV, Abuse Show more

has anyone here ever enrolled in or is currently enrolled in a graduate level program?
would you be willing and able to answer a few questions about your experience, if so?

the office is perhaps my favorite show of all time.

i got that gucci mane autobiography to round things out...