Whaaaaa Levar Burton chose another @cadwellsocialcoop 's to read on his podcast!

And this one totally threw me for a loop... sooo good.

Can't wait to read "No Gods, No Monsters" when it comes out!

@emi @cadwellsocialcoop
Levar MUST PLAY JUDE in our radio play! Make it happen, Turnbull.

@emi @cadwellsocialcoop
What a great story, Cadwell! Hell of a way to start my morning...

:levburlike: : Spend the rest of the day contemplating the nature of reality?

Me : Yes, I think I will, thank you.

@emi @cadwellsocialcoop
That bit at the end, that Levar highlights, reminds me of the concept of tzimtzum, from the Jewish mystical tradition.

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