@nicksellen lovely. Where are you cycling to/ from? Remind me, was it you who did that fun little (hitching?) tour of previously?

@jdaviescoates I'm cycling in Germany, started in Göttingen, not sure where to, back to Göttingen though... Just a little lap of freedom!

Yes it was me who did the UK co-op hitching trip, I've been meaning to do the second half of that at some point! Cycle touring is a bit more suited to Corona times though.

I think I'm socially distanced by at least 5km where I am tonight :)


@nicksellen @jdaviescoates

I’m just about to take off for a bike adventure too!!! Yay for across the ocean parallel socially distant mini-vacations!

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@emi @jdaviescoates yay! I think it's my favourite kind of travelling. I also like hiking, hitchhiking, running, buses, trains,... Even tried some car road trips.

But the bicycle has a great balance of things. Can to into places a car can never get, but travel so much further than on foot.


I loved it and then forgot I loved it and have rediscovered my love for it!

Today was quite an epic day in the rain. I’m be camping in a parking lot since I can’t motivate myself to look for a campsite and get wet again... let’s hope no one spots my bivvy under this awning!

@emi aw no! Can be very tiring in relentless rain. I've had very good weather so far. Although someone said some rain heading my way....

In that case, if possible, I prefer to stay put and get a nice tarp and tent setup and wait till it's nice again. Not always practical though.

@nicksellen @emi I've had some nice Brompton + train adventures. Once missed my train in France and had to sleep outside without a tent or anything until the first train the next day. Luckily is was good weather! 😊

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